The Call to Adventure

My wife and I left our house. I’ve closed my business; we took our five kids out of school, got rid of almost everything we had, bought a motorhome, and left our city.

This blog is an account of our journey.

Thoreau said that he left his city and went to the woods because he “wished to live deliberately” he didn’t want to become old and ”discover that I had not lived.” We had similar reasons.

This blog is also about that sensation that our life should be about more than going to work, so you can rest on weekends and retire one day while training your kids to do the same. It is for all of us who are beginning to suspect the story that if you get good grades, go to college, follow your doctor’s instructions, obey the law, and get a good job, you’ll be happy.

I’ll talk about why I left but mostly about the things I’ll see and learn on the road.

I’m glad you are here.

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A couple of years ago, I left my house, business, and city to live with my wife and five children, traveling in a motorhome.

I still don’t know where we will arrive – and I’m slowly learning to be ok with it.

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